Semi Permanent Makeup FAQ's

The decision to have semi permanent makeup is often a long and thought out process, at The Glamour Garage we have completed over 800 procedures! 


We have to Tattoo Artists available to perform the procedure and on hadn to give you the best advice we can, to achieve the result you are looking for. 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Can I have Lip Blush or Lip Liner if I have lip filler?

Yes you can. Please leave 2 weeks from having lip filler to having lip tattooing. Lip tattooing will NOT affect the filler in your lips or move it. It often works hand in hand to enhance the filler to give you fantastic looking lips. 


2. What's the difference between Ombre Brows, Microblading or Powder brows? 

Microblading is for replacing hair where there is missing patches or if you want more density in your brow. Microblading will not replace the need for brow makeup as it is very light and natural. If you wish to replace your current brow makeup with semi permanent makeup, then Ombre or Powder brows are for you. Ombre brows are hair strokes combined with a little shading for a denser look, Powder brows are for full makeup replacement. 


3. Can I have semi permanent makeup or microblading if I have botox?

Yes you can. Botox should be performed 1 week before or after the procedure. 


4. Can I have eyelash extensions if I have eyeliner tattoo'd on?

You must remove all eyelash extensions prior to the procedure and keep eyelashes off for 2 weeks post treatment to avoid infection. 


5. Do you shave my eyebrows off when I have them tattoo'd?

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