Individual Eyelash Extensions...

Semi Permanent Individual Eyelash extensions are one of most asked for treatments at the salon. 


We offer 3 types of semi permanent lashes: All are applied with the 1 on 1 technique, however each have distinct qualities.

Marvel Lash Lashes - £55 - Mink 

Nouveau Lashes - £65 - Silk

Cashmere Lashes - £75 - 70% lighter than standard lashes 


A full set is the most popular option, giving you up to 80 individual lashes fitted onto your own and lasting up to 3 - 4 weeks. If you wish to have maintainence this will be every 2 -3  weeks to refit lashes which may have worked loose and to add extra fullness by adding more to your set. This depends of the growth cycle of your own lashes.


Each set above is available as per lash per lash technicque (1xD lashes) or as a Volume set. Volume lashes are lashes which multiple lashes are applied to each lash, giving a really full look. This is available for only £10 extra per set! 


We also offer Express Lash - these eyelashes are worn for up to two weeks and are used for a special occasion or a night out. They add length and fullness and look amazing on! They are for people who dont want long term eyelash extensions. £35


Eyelash extensions can transform your look and make you feel glamourous all day, every day.


  • Soft and weightless
  • Can be worn for up to 3 months
  • No damage to the natural eyelash
  • They look very natural
  • Thicken appearance of fine, thin lashes.
  • Allow you to throw away your mascara for good!
  • Make your face appear thinner.
  • Boost confidence.
  • Enhance already pretty eyes for a night out.
  • Give you a sultry, seductive look :-)
  • Save from ruining your own lashes from DIY glue on kits (which can damage your lashes)


Disadvantages of traditional false eyelashes:

  • The eyelashes are hard and not as flexible as your natural lashes
  • Traditional false eyelashes (which are applied in strips) are often only worn for a single evening
  • They can cause damage to the natural eyelash when removing
  • They feel heaving and hard with the use of glue



The perfect way to enhance your eyes is with eyelash and eyebrow tinting.


Eyelash Tinting £10.00

Eyelash tinting is perfect for holidays, special occasions or helping to speed up the time getting ready in the morning by removing the need to use mascara. Eyelash tinting takes about 20 mins in total to perform, and will leave your lashes black and glossy for up to 6 weeks.


Eyelash tinting can be done before the addition of eyelash extensions, this will mean your lower and upper lashes are lovely and dark before the extensions are applied, giving you a more powerful look.


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