InvisiSkin Tape Hair Extensions Surrey

These new amazing thin strips of hair come in super soft and long 18-20inch  Remy Russian Hair in over 15 colour blends. 


They are 4m long and 0.8 cm wide strips of hair attached to hair tape (please note this medical tape, not glue). The hair is then applied on the hair with seamless application.


Colours can be mixed together perfectly as two tones can be 'sandwiched' together. Also HUGE volume can be created if necessary as they can be used to add real extra thickness with no attachment bulk. 


Perfect for those with fine hair looking for a method which is very inivisible and wont 'pull' on hair strands. 


Removal and refitting is simple, a oil spray is used to gently glide the tape off and then the hair is washed and the wefts can be refitted with new tape. Very economical.


This type of fitting really is for those wanting no rings or bulk. Really great and gentle to your own hair.


The pic above is Glamour Model Danielle Kedward with her full head of Tape Hair Extensions.


Advantages of Tape Hair Extensions:

  • Perfect for covering super short hair as short as 2cm in length!
  • Can be used for super fine hair 
  • Ideal for post chemotherapy clients 
  • Never looks 'strandy' as each tape is one sandwich of hair 
  • Easy to section and dry and brilliant hold
  • Different colours can be layered together for amazing colour blends


Disadvantages of Tape Hair Extensions:

  • Slightly harder to disguise tape at sides of temples
  • Needs repositioning every 8 weeks (other methods last longer)
  • Cannot be washed for 48 hours post fitting to secure tapes
  • Cannot use oily shampoo as will cause slippage
  • Repositioning takes slightly longer with 3 hours at the salon


Who are Tape Hair Extensions Good For?

  • Those with very fine hair who are worried about damage and looking to cause the least amount of tension on the hair 
  • Those needing to cover very short hair or wanting to go high to the parting



20 inch Full head £300

20 inch Half Head £195

22 inch Full Head £350

22 inch Half Head £275

Removal £50

Removal with wash and dry £50

Reposition every 10-12 weeks £150


Please note those needing more than full head coverage - chemotherapy clients - need to visit our Cancer Recovery Page

We cut and blend your hair in to match the extensions free of charge. 



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