Mini Stick Tip Hair Extensions 

This premier fitting method, combined with the most amazing Russian  or Mongolian hair, is the best choice if you want the least noticeable hair extensions fitting available.


Russian Elite use NO heat or GLUE - just tiny micro rings to secure your hair in place. They are extreamly small and perfect for fine hair or for achieving a very thick look will small bonds. 


The hair stick tips are much smaller and thinner than standard stick tip hair (around half the size) - perfect for those who want a very thick look with long locks - and the small rings are strong and secure. 


The hair used is Double Drawn, luscious and up to 24” in length.

Hair will last up to 9 months with repositioning every 3 months. Most of our clients comment that the hair lasts even longer! Our new Mongolian range will last up to 18 months. Giving you great value for money. 


The rings are made of copper, attached with no heat or glue. No damage to the hair. You wil need a reposition every 3 months to maintain the hair. 


Advantages of Mini Tiny Tip Hair Extensions:

  • Tiny rings are super easy to hide in all hair colours especially blondes
  • Last for up to 3 months before repositioning
  • Hair can be re-used again and again 
  • Easy to put up and hide rings in pounytail styles 
  • No heat or glue used


Disadvantages of Mini Tiny Tip Hair Extensions:

  • Rings can slip in very fine hair 
  • Sodium sulphate shampoo MUST be used as over time the stick tips will soften causing slippage


Who are Mini Tiny Tip Hair Extensions Good For?

  • Those with fine or normal hair
  • Those wanting a premium solution with hair that can be re-used 
  • Those new to hair extensions 


Our hairdressers will cut, blend and style the hair for free for you after. With some great before and after shots for you to use on facebook or instagram. 


Russian Elite Mini Tiny Tip Pricing:

20 inch full head £350

20 inch half head £225

22 inch full head £400

22 inch half head £275

Repositioning - £150 

Removal - £50


If you wish to upgrade to Mongolian hair the additional charge is £150. 


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