The Hair We Use at The Glamour Garage....

At The Glamour Garage we only use the best quality hair extension hair availabl to us. Our hair is retailed to many other UK salons, as our hair can be trusted to be great quality and long lasting. 


All our hair is 7A and 8A grade Remy 100% Human Hair. This means that all the cuticles on each strand face the same way and will not shed or matt. This also means our hair extension hair can be dyed, curled or styled just like your own hair.


Most extension companies only offer up to 5A grade hair - which is still good hair, however we aim to give the BEST hair extension hair at affordable prices and our great relationships with manutacturers allow us to do this.


Guide to Hair Extension Hair -

European Hair Extensions - European Hair is soft, silky and quite fine in texture, it will last up to 3 - 4 months with good care. Its great for those with fine hair and blends very well.


Indian Hair Extensions - Indian Hair is very strong, very straight and silky, it is a standard grading of hair. It will last up to 6 months with good care. Indian hair is slightly thicker and will work best if you want a full look or you have thick hair.


Russian Hair Extensions - Russian Hair is the some of the hair you can buy, very strong, unprocessed and long lasting. This hair will last up to 9 months with good care. Very good option for those who have hair extensions for a long period of time as new hair is not needed to be brought.


Mongolian Hair Extensions - Mongolian Hair is in its puriest form. It is delivered to us in a ponytail which has been donated by the donor. We then hand bind the hair to the fitting method of your choice. This bespoke hair amazing. You will not be disappointed with the reults!


Brands of Hair Extensions - 

We offer two brands of hair extensions at the Glamour Garage - 

Easilocks and Russian Elite. We can also source for clients Beautyworks and other brands if needed.  All types are premium, double drawn russian hair. This means the hair is super thick (from the root to the tip) and will last you for up to 9 months with good care. 

All three brands are great, they differ in price but there is a solution to every budget. Our own brand - Russian Elite, is one we use in our own hair.



All hair types will need special care and treatment, as the hair will not be receiving nutrients from your own head. So regular use of a leave in conditioner is a great option to keep hair extension hair looking its best. Please note if you dye your hair extensions it may shorten the life span of them.


 Russian and Mongolian hair will need re-bonding over time. Re-bonding is a process of making the tips of the hair (which is bonded to your own hair) hard again, so the hair can be re-used. Rebonding is occasionally needed at time of repositioning. A retipping fee is added if this service is needed. 



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