Terms and Conditions

As a customer you agree to abide by these terms and conditions and once payment is made you agree to the erms set out below. 
Beauty Clients - 
  • Deposits for products or services are non refunable in any circumstances.
  • Any issues should be made aware at time of the appointment (or service) as will be chargeable thereafter.
  • Any maintainence or re-fills / infills will be chargable.



Hair Extensions Clients - 
  • Hair must be maintained regulary at correct 6 week appointments (for micro ring extensions).
  • European hair is 0.5g strands.
  • Indian Hair is 0.8g strands.
  • Russian Hair is 0.8 or 0.9g strands.
  • Easilocks hair is 0.9g strands.
  • All hair types have a 10% variation in thickness and length due to natural variation.
  • Deposits taken for hair extensions (or product or services) are non refundable in any circumstance.
  • Refunds on hair fitting or hair extensions services are not available.
  • Fitting issues must be identified immediately at the fitting date. 
  • Hair quality issues must be identified immediately at the fitting date. 
  • Hair extension fitting and hair are both non refundable in any circumstances - paying for your fitting will confirm you are happy with your standard of fitting and abide you to these terms.
  • Hair extension users must use hair extension shampoos and conditioners we speciify - otherwise this will shorten the life of the hair. We will not accept liabilty for this.
  • Colouring, perming, cutting may alter the life span of the hair - we cannot accept any liabilty for this unless carried out by us.
  • A 'full head' is deemed that of the fitter. 
  • A 'half head' is deemed that of the fitter. 
  • All additional hair work, movement, replacement, removal of strands will be chargable after the fitting appointment. 
  • Any issues will be rectified at the discretion of our team.
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