Hair Extensions FAQ's...

How long does the hair last for?

Micro ring hair extensions can last up to 3 months it no maintence appointments are attended, after this time they must be removied and a new set applied. However if you keep to maintence appointments hair can last for up to a year.


How do I wash Micro Ring hair extensions?

Do NOT lean over a bath to wash your hair, this will cause undue stress on the hair extensions. Simply gently rub shampoo down the length of the hair whilst in the shower. Only use conditioner on the ends of the hair, otherwise conditioner may get into the micro rings and the hair is more prone to fall down.


How long will a full head take?

A full head can take 3 hours, this is to apply up to 250 strands of hair onto the head. A half head takes up to 2 hours.


How often do I need maintence?

You will need maintence (repositioning) as follows:

LA Weave reposition - 6- 8 weeks

Micro Ring Weft reposition - 4-6 weeks

Standard Micro Ring reposition - 8 weeks

Mini Micro Ring (nano and mini stick tip) reposition - 10-12 weeks

Easilocks reposition - 10 -12 weeks

Every client is different, it depends on how fast your hair grows and how well you look after the hair extensions.


My head is itchy?

After your fitting it is normal for your head to feel "tight" or "itchy", especially when you try to sleep for the first night. This is due to bonds being tight and this will go in a few days.


Can I dye my hair?

Yes you can, both fusion bonds and micro rings allow you to dye your hair and the human hair extensions - however this will shorten the hairs life span.


Do I have to purchase specialist shampoo?

We advise all clients to do so if they wish to prolong the life of the hair. You will need a sulphate free shampoo, we sell Russian Elite and also Glamour Garage Shampoo and Conditioner.


I have very short hair can I have extensions?

Ideally any hair which can be put into a ponytail is ideal, however the shorter the hair the harder it is to blend.

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