Cancer Recovery & Hair Loss

For those who have had to deal with the trauma of hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy the road to hair re-growth is sometimes a slow one. The Glamour Garage currently assits those who are experiencing this with hair, lash and brow services to help regain confidence. 


Hair Services - 

  • Hair Lace Volumizer System 
  • Clip In Hair Crown Topper
  • Wig Cutting Service
  • Eyebrow Microblading or Semi Permanent Makeup 
  • Eyeliner or Lash Enhancement Semi Permanent Makeup 
  • Hair Extension Fitting 


Hair Lace Volumiser -

We can offer clients with up to 80% hair loss a hair replacement system which 

can be worn continuously for up to 6 weeks before needing to be tightened. 

This non surgical hair replacement system 'Lace Crown" is used in hair replacement clinics across the UK. A fine hypoallergenic mesh is custom made to fit the scalp, allowing hair extensions to be added - restoring confidence and giving full or partial coverage. 


Clip In Hair Crown Topper - 

For clients wanting just additional volume at the crown or parting we have clip in Crown topper volumisers. Crown volumisers are 5x4' lace panels with 16" hair attached. These can be gently placed onto the crown and clipped in for daily use. We supply toppers in all colours and fit and cut them in for you. 

Crown Clip in Topper - 


Wig Cutting Service - 

If you have a wig which needs a trim we can help! Most salons do not cater for wigs however we can help style your wig into a new style or help show you how to care for it. If needs be we can help source hair peices for you, we have ponytails, clip ins, flip ins, buns and fishtail braids in stock! All the latest colours and styles so no need to be stuck with one wig! 

Wig Cutting Restyle - £35


Eyebrow Tattooing (microblading or semi permanent makeup) - 

Brows can help frame a face, some clients wish to remove the burden of trying to pencil them on. We can tattoo your brows before you start treatment so your friends and family would never know you lost hair. Brows can be tattoo'ed to appear very natural - we match your current hair colour and design a shape which you approve before the procedure starts. 

Microblading is very natural fine hairstrokes - £175 which lasts up to 18 months

Gun Tattooing is slightly heaver in look - £245 which lasts up to 3 years


Eyelash Enhancement Services - 

For those who do not want to wear strip lashes there is an option to tattoo eyeliner or 'dots' along the lash line to help give the appearance of lash definition . This form of semi permanent makeup lasts up to 2 years. Your eyelids will be numbed with Emla Cream for 20 mins then the procedure will begin. Typically this takes about 1.5 hours. Pain is very minimal, with most clients feeling nothing at all. 

Eyeliner - £295

Lash Enhancement - £195


Hair Extension Fitting Services - 

Providing that 6 months has lapsed from the last date of your treatment, we can usually find a method of hair extensions to suit your needs. 

Firstly our main concern is to not cause damage or tension on new hair growth. Once expectations and hair type have been discussed we can often apply hair to give you confidence until your natural hair grows. 

We cut, style and blend hair for you, and can colour your natural hair for a seamless blend - in a really friendly environment where (if privacy is needed) we can open early for you. Hair Tape Extensions are ususally our recommended method of attachment. Please note the shorter your natural hair is, the more hair you may need fitted. Tape Hair we can fit in natural hair from 1.5cm. We can often cover patchy re-growth and give you the long locks back you had pre treatment. Hair extensions post treatment will require more frequent care, this may involve you returning to the salon every 4-6 weeks for a 30 min check just to tweak any movement. 

  • Tape Hair Extensions Full Head (if natural hair shorter than 5 inches) £495
  • Tape Hair Extensions Full Head (if natural hair longer than 5 inches) £350
  • Tape Hair 30 min check (every 4-6 weeks) £50
  • Tape Hair Repositioning Full head (every 8-10 weeks) £200


Feel free to chat to one of our team. 

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