Perfectly Sculpted Brows

Eyebrows frame the face and set the tone and look for any makeup application. 

Many people either overlook the need to create defined brows or over 'do' on the eyebrow pencil... either way not a good look!


We will look at your face shape and bone structure to suggest tweaks to your brows, we wont simply alter your brows without discussing your requirements. 


We use threading, tinting, plucking and brow powders to give you a true Hollywood Brow experience. 


Our brow services range from a simple thread and tint to HD Brows, then to Microblading (Eyebrow Tattooing). 


Brow Services:

Threading - £5

Waxing - £6

Tinting - £8

Tint, Pluck and Shape - £13

HD Brows -  £30

Eyebow extensions - £45

Eyebrow extension infills: £25

Microblading Tattooing - £175 

Hairstroke Semi Permanent Gun Tattooing - £245

Powder Semi Permanent Gun Tattooing - £245

Hairstroke & Powder Semi Permanent Gun Tattooing - £275


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